Information for Authors

PHILOSOPHICA was founded in 1963 as STUDIA PHILOSOPHICA GANDENSIA and was publishing the results of research done by the department of Philosophy and Moral Science in Ghent. Since 1973 the journal is published as PHILOSOPHICA. Each issue deals with a specific topic, chosen by a guest editor, who contacts international specialists in order to contribute to the issue.

PHILOSOPHICA seeks to engage guest editors whishng to realize a volume in line with current epistemological, ethical and political issues. Prospective editors may contact the editor-in-chief Prof. dr. Erik Weber. Once the topic is approved by the editorial board, the full details on the lay-out are given to the authors by the editing-manager Dr. Albrecht Heeffer. The idea is that the guest editor sends the final version of the volume to the editing-manager, who sends it directly to the printer’s office. This means that the guest editor is responsible for selecting, refereeing and copy-editing the volume. In this process they can consult the editing-manager if necessary.

If you want to suggest a topic for one of our next volumes (and become guest editor of that volume), please contact the editorial address:

Vakgroep wijsbegeerte en moraalwetenschap
Universiteit Gent
Blandijnberg 2
B-9000 Gent
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Since each issue is devoted to one topic, we do not accept spontaneously submitted papers.