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Vol.92, 2017(2): Strong emergence
Editors: Alexander D. Carruth & J.T.M. Miller
Alexander D. CARRUTH & J.T.M. MILLER, Introduction
Mark PEXTON, Manipulationism and causal exclusion
Peter J. LEWIS, Quantum mechanics, emergence, and fundamentality
Jonathan BAIN, Topological order and emergence
Tom C. B. MCLEISH, Strong emergence and downward causation in biological physics
Stephen J. BLUNDELL, Emergence, causation and storytelling: condensed matter physics and the limitations of the human mind


Vol.91, 2017(1): Strong emergence
Editors: Alexander D. Carruth & J.T.M. Miller
Alexander D. CARRUTH & J.T.M. MILLER, Strong emergence
Elanor TAYLOR, Explanatory emergence as a guide to metaphysical structure
Umut BAYSAN & Jessica WILSON, Must strong emergence collapse?
J.T.M. MILLER, Language and ontological emergence
Michael SILBERSTEIN, Strong emergence no, contextual emergence yes


Vol.90, 2015(1): Metaphysics and science: A fickle relationship
Editor: Raoul Gervais
Raoul GERVAIS, Introductory essay: Metaphysics and science: a fickle relationship
Cristian SOTO, The current state of the metaphysics of science debate
Cláudia RIBEIRO, The complementarity of science and metaphysics
Erik WEBER & Inge DE BAL, Contrastive causation in genetics and in physics
James A. MARCUM, Metaphysics of the cognition debate: a plurimodel theory of cognition


Vol.89, 2014(1): The Radical Enlightenment: the Big Picture and its Details
Editors: Steffen Ducheyne & Wim Van Moer
Steffen DUCHEYNE & Wim VAN MOER, Introduction
Alissa MACMILLAN, Exorcizing Demons: Thomas Hobbes and Balthasar Bekker on Spirits and Religion
Sonja LAVAERT, Radical Enlightenment, Enlightened Subversion, and Spinoza
Jordy GEERLINGS, Joining the Radical Enlightenment: Some Thoughts on Intellectual Identity, Precarity and Sociability in the Eighteenth Century
Else WALRAVENS, Johann Christian Edelmann’s Radicalism: A Synthesis of Enlightenment and Spirituality
Clorinda DONATO, Esoteric Reason, Occult Science, and Radical Enlightenment: Seamless Pursuits in the Work and Networks of Raimondo Di Sangro, The Prince of San Severo


Vol.88, 2013(1): How radical can Enlightenment be?
Editor: Emiliano Acosta
Emiliano ACOSTA, Foreword
Margaret C. JACOB, The Radical Enlightenment and Freemasonry: where we are now
Charles T. WOLFE, Vital Materialism and the Problem of Ethics in the Radical Enlightenment
Boris DEMAREST, From the More Geometrico to the More Algebraico: d’Alembert and the Enlightenment’s Transformation of Systematic Order
Laura Anna MACOR, Friedrich Hölderlin and the Clandestine Society of the Bavarian Illuminati. A Plaidoyer
Elisabeth VAN DAM, In The Name of Atheism. A Critical Response to Philipp Blom’s Book ‘A Wicked Company’
Florian HEYERICK, La Loge Olympique. Sociétés de concerts te Parijs in de 18de eeuw


Vol.87, 2012(4): The epistemic functions of algebraic symbolism: historical case studies
Editors: Albrecht Heeffer & Maria Rosa Massa Esteve
Albrecht HEEFFER, Surmounting obstacles: circulation and adoption of algebraic symbolism
Jeffrey A. OAKS, Algebraic symbolism in medieval Arabic algebra
François LOGET, Printers and algebraists in Mid-16th Century France
Fatima ROMERO VALLHONESTA, Algebraic symbolism in the first algebraic works in the Iberian Peninsula
Maria Rosa MASSA ESTEVE, The role of symbolic language in the transformation of mathematics


Vol.86, 2012(3): Rationality and justified belief
Editors: Erik Weber, Joke Meheus & Dietlinde Wouters
Erik WEBER, Dietlinde WOUTERS & Joke MEHEUS, Introduction
Rogier DE LANGHE, The problem of Kuhnian rationality
Adam GROBLER, Fifth part of the definition of knowledge
Dunja SESELJA, Laszlo KOSOLOSKY & Christian STRASSER, The rationality of scientific reasoning in the context of pursuit: Drawing appropriate distinctions
Erik WEBER & Maarten VAN DYCK, Rationally evaluating inconsistent theories


Vol.85, 2012(2): Moral Responsibility
Editors: Tim De Mey & Tom Claes
Tim DE MEY & Tom CLAES, Moral Responsibility – Analytic Approaches
Stefaan E. CUYPERS, On the Compatibilist Origination of Moral Responsibility
Kevin M. DELAPP, Giving Responsibility a Guilt-Trip: Virtue, Tragedy, and Privilege
Guy PINKU, Morally Embedded Selves and Embedded Compatibilism
András SZIGETI, Revisiting Strawsonian Arguments from Inescapability


Vol.84, 2012(1): Perspectivalism
Editor: Jan Willem Wieland
Jan Willem WIELAND, Foreword
Jan Willem WIELAND, Carving the World As We Please
Michela MASSIMI, Scientific Perspectivism and Its Foes
Jesse M. MULDER, What Generates the Realism/Anti-Realism Dichotomy?
Ioannis VOTSIS, Putting Realism in Perspectivism
Erik WEBER & Leen DE VREESE, Causation in Perspective. Are All Causal Claims Equally Warranted?


Vol.83, 2010(1): Metaphysical Issues in quantum Mechanics
Editors: Christian de Ronde & Wim Christiaens
Christian DE RONDE, Metaphysical Issues in the Philosophical Foundation of Quantum Mechanics
Diederik AERTS, A Potentiality and Conceptuality Interpretation of Quantum Physics
Michel BITBOL, Reflective Metaphysics: Understanding Quantum Mechanics from a Kantian Standpoint
Christian DE RONDE, For and Against Metaphysics in the Modal Interpretation of Quantum Mechancis
Dennis DIEKS, Quantum Mechanics, Chance and Modality
Alexei GRINBAUM, On Epistemological Modesty


Vol.82, 2008(2): Science in China and Europe: beyond the Needham Question
Editor: Erik Weber
Erik WEBER, Introduction
Steffen DUCHEYNE, Towards a Fruitful Formulation of Needham’s Grand Question
Bart DESSEIN, Since Heaven has not yet Destroyed this Culture, what Can the Men of Kuang Do to me?”: Cosmological Confucianism and the Development of Science
David DE SAEGER, The Imperial Examinations and Epistemological Obstacles
Albrecht HEEFFER, Regiomontanus and Chinese Mathematics


Vol.81, 2008(1): Methodological issues in contemporary analytic metaphysics
Editors: Jan Willem Wieland, Erik Weber & Tim De Mey
Jan Willem WIELAND, Erik WEBER & Tim DE MEY, Introduction
Jan Willem WIELAND, What Problem of Universals?
Markku KEINÄNEN, Revisionary and Descriptive Metaphysics
Erik WEBER, The Debate between Causal Realism and Causal Constructivism: Metaphilosophical Reflections
Anton FROEYMAN & Leen DE VREESE, Unravelling the Methodology of Causal Pluralism


Vol.80, 2007(2): Information asymmetries in socially responsible investment
Editors: Wim Vandekerckhove & Jos Leys
Wim VANDEKERCKHOVE & Jos LEYS, Editorial introduction
Kristian ALM, Challenges to Investment Ethics in the Norwegian Petroleum Fund: a Newspaper Debate
Etienne COERWINKEL, Asymmetries in the Social Responsible Investment Agendas: From an NGO Driven World to a Stakeholders Dialogue.
Karl W. EINOLF, Building a Socially Responsible Equity Portfolio Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Bert SCHOLTENS & Laura SPIERDIJK, Lemons and Timber. The Case of Tropical Timber Investment Funds in the Netherlands
Jos LEYS, Having a Look at the Effectiveness of SRI-endeavours


Vol.79, 2007(1): Medical neuroenhancement of mood: social and ethical issues
Editor: An Ravelingien
An RAVELINGIEN, Editorial Introduction
Dirk DE RIDDER, Brain and Nerve Stimulation for Mood Enhancement
Maartje SCHERMER, The Dynamics of the Treatment-enhancement Distinction: ADHD as a Case Study
Bengt BRÜLDE, Can Successful Mood Enhancement Make Us Less Happy?
Valérie DE PRYCKER, Critical Remarks on Shortcuts to Happiness: the Relevance of Effort and Pain
Rebecca ROACHE, Should We Enhance Self-esteem?
Mark WALKER, Happy-people-pills and Prosocial Behaviour


Vol.78, 2006(2): The Epistemology of Testimony
Editor: Dan O’Brien
Dan O’BRIEN, Introduction to the Epistemology of Testimony
Duncan PRITCHARD, A Defence of Quasi-reductionism in the Epistemology of Testimony
Sanford C. GOLDBERG, Testimony as Evidence
Dan O’BRIEN, Testimony, Engineered Knowledge and Internalism
Elizabeth FRICKER, Martians and Meetings: Against Burge’s Neo-Kantian Apriorism about Testimony
Robert AUDI, Testimony as an a Priori Basis of Acceptance: Problems and Prospects
Peter J. GRAHAM, Can Testimony Generate Knowledge?


Vol.77, 2006(1): Pluralism in the philosophy of causation
Editor: Leen De Vreese
Leen DE VREESE, Pluralism in the Philosophy of Causation: Desideratum or Not?
Rafaella CAMPANER, Mechanisms and Counterfactuals: a Different Glimpse of the (Secret?) Connexion
Francis LONGWORTH, Causation, Pluralism and Responsibility
Jon WILLIAMSON, Causal Pluralism versus Epistemic Causality
Federica RUSSO, The Rationale of Variation in Methodological and Evidential Pluralism
Leen DE VREESE, Causal Pluralism and Scientific Knowledge: an Underexposed Problem


Vol.76, 2005(2): The Challenges for Early Modern Philosophy
Editor: Steffen Ducheyne
Steffen DUCHEYNE, Introduction
Peter K. MACHAMER, James E. MCGUIRE & Justin SYTSMA, Knowing causes: Descartes on the world of matter
Eric SCHLIESSER, On the origin of modern naturalism: the significance of Berkeley’s response to a Newtonian indispensibility argument
Catherine WILSON, What is the importance of Descartes’s meditation six?
George S. PAPPAS, Berkeley’s assessment of Locke’s epistemology
Steffen DUCHEYNE, Bacon’s idea and Newton’s practice of induction

Book review:
Werner Callebaut & Diego Rasskin-Gutman (eds.), Modularity. Understanding the Development and Evolution of Natural Complex Systems. (Linda Van Speybroeck)


Vol.75, 2005(1): Truth, Knowledge and the Pragmatics of Natural Languages
Editor: Maciej Witek
Maciej WITEK, Introduction
Robert M. HARNISH, Commitments and Speech Acts
Jaroslav PEREGRIN, Brandom and Davidsom: What Do We Need to Account for Thinking and Agency?
John COLLIER & Konrad TALMONT-KAMINSKI, Pragmatist Pragmatics: the Functional Context of Utterances
Adam GROBLER, Law Truth and Presupposition
Maciej WITEK, Truth and Conversation


Vol.74, 2004(2): Mathematics as/in Practice
Editor: Bart Van Kerkhove
Bart VAN KERKHOVE, Editorial Introduction
Paul ERNEST, Nominalism and Conventionalism in Social Constructivism
David CORFIELD, Mathematical Kinds, or Being Kind to Mathematics
Helen DE CRUZ, Why Humans Can Count Large Quantities Accurately
Johannes LENHARD, Scepticism and Mathematization: Pascal and Peirce on Mathematical Epistemology
Bart VAN KERKHOVE & Hans COMIJN, The Importance of Being Externalist About Mathematics – One More Turn?
Karen FRANÇOIS & Laurent DE SUTTER, Where mathematics becomes Political. representing (Non-)Humans


Vol.73, 2004(1): The inside/outside distinction and the issue of boundaries
Editor: Helena De Preester
Helena DE PREESTER, Introduction
Alvaro MORENO & Xabier BARANDIARAN, A Naturalizd Account of the Inside-Outside Dichotomy.
Helena DE PREESTER, Part-Whole Metaphysics Underlying Issues of Internality/Externality.
Alan D.M. RAYNER, Inclusionality and the Role of Place Space and Dynamic Boundaries in Evolutionary Processes.
Bernhard WALDENFELS, The Boundaries of Orders.
Aaron L. MISHARA, Disconnection of External and Internal in the Conscious Experience of Schizophrenia: Phenomenological Literary and Neuroanatomical Archaeologies of Self.

Book review:
Patricia Churchland, Brain-Wise. Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2002. (Lars De Nul)


Vol.72, 2003(2): Thought experiments
Editor: Tim De Mey
Tim DE MEY, Introduction
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Thought Experiments in Mathematics: Anything but Proof.
Petri YLIKOSKI, Thought Experiments in Science Studies.
Tim DE MEY, The Dual Nature View of Thought Experiments.
Maarten VAN DYCK, The Roles of One Thought Experiment in Interpreting Quantum Mechanics. Werner Heisenberg Meets Thomas Kuhn.
Benoît DE BAERE, Thought Experiments Rhetoric and Possible Worlds.
Farah FOUCQUAERT, Personal Identity and its Boundaries: Philosophical Thought Experiments.


Vol.71, 2003(1): Critical Realism and methodological pluralism in the social sciences
Editor: Jeroen Van Bouwel
Jeroen VAN BOUWEL, Ontology and Methodology in Contemporary Philosophy of Social Science: Status Quaestionis.
Jonathan PRATSCHKE, Realistic Models? Critical Realism and Statistical Models in the Social Sciences.
José Maurício DOMINGUES, Collective Subjectivity and Collective Causality.
Shaun LE BOUTILLIER, Emergence and Analytical Dualism.
Jeroen VAN BOUWEL, When Unveiling the Epistemic Fallacy Ends with Committing the Ontological Fallacy. On the Contribution of Critical Realism to the Social Scientific Explanatory Practice.
Tamas DEMETER, A Metaphysics for Explanatory Ecumenism.

Book review:
Hans Radder (ed.), The Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation. Pittsburgh: The University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003. (Maarten Van Dyck)


Vol.70, 2002(2): Diagrams and the anthropology of space
Editor: Kenneth J. Knoespel
Kenneth J. KNOESPEL, Introduction: Diagrams and the Anthropology of Space.
Kenneth J. KNOESPEL, Diagrammatic Transformation of Architectural Space.
Aarati KANEKAR, Diagram and Metaphor in Design: the Divine Comedy as a Spatial Model.
John PEPONIS, Iris LYCOURIOTI & Iphigenia MARI, Spatial Models Design Reasons and the Construction of Spatial Meaning.
Paul F. GEHL, Moral Analogies in Print: Emblematic Thinking in the Making of Early Modern Books.


Vol.69, 2002(1): Hilary Putnam’s philosophy: implications for informal logic
Editor: Louise Cummins
Louise CUMMINS, Introduction.
Mark WEINSTEIN, Exemplifying an Internal Realist Model of Truth.
Leo GROARKE & Louis GROARKE, Hilary Putnam on the End(s) of Argument.
Louise CUMMINS, Evaluating Fallacies: Putnam’s Model-Theoretic Legacy.
Jeffrey L. KASSER & Daniel H. COHEN, Putnam Truth and Informal Logic.


Vol.68, 2001(2): Color or form: a primal role for secondary qualities?
Editor: Marc De Mey
Marc DE MEY, Introduction.
Mia GOSSELIN, Pictorial Art as a Natural and a Cultural Phenomenon.
Erik MYIN, Constrained Inversions of Sensations.
Tim DE MEY & Markku KEINÄNEN, Secondary Qualities in Retrospect.
Tom SEPPALAINEN, Color Subjectivism is not Supported by Color Reductionism.
Marc DE MEY, Jan Van Eyck Going Beyond Color: the Grisailles in the Ghent Altar-piece.


Vol.67, 2001(1): The metaphysics of science
Editor: Wim Christiaens
Wim CHRISTIAENS, Introduction.
Steven FRENCH, Getting Out of a Hole: Identity Individuality and Structuralism in Space-time Physics.
Quentin SMITH, The Metaphysical Necessity of Natural Laws.
James LADYMAN, Science Metaphysics and Structural Realism.
Steffen DUCHEYNE, Isaac Newton on Space and Time: Metaphysician or Not?
Wim CHRISTIAENS, This Universe Is the ‘Best’ of All Possible Worlds. A Tentative Reconstruction of the Metaphysical System of Leo Apostel.


Vol.66, 2000(2): Philosophie et Tolérance, Philosophy and Tolerance: Actes des Entretien de Rabat II
Editors: Evandro Agazzi & Erik Weber
Evandro AGAZZI, Introduction.
Abdelkébir KHATIBI, Politique et Tolérance. Eléments d’une Ethique Perspectiviste.
Abdou FILALI-ANSARY, La Tolérance a-t-elle un Avenir?
Humberto GIANNINI IÑIGUEZ, Hospitalité et Tolérance.
Marco M. OLIVETTI, La Religion dans le Domaine de la Tolérance.
Marian PRZELECKI, What Does it Mean to be Tolerant in Moral Issues?
Miguel A. QUINTANILLA, Tolerance and Technological Culture.
Mohamed SABILA, Le Rôle de la Philosophie dans la Promotion de la Tolérance.
Fernando SALMERÓN, La Philosophie et la Tolérance.
Hourya SINACEUR, Y-a-t-il une Tolérance dans la Science?
Carlo SINI, The Philosophical Grounds of Tolerance.

Book reviews:
G. Lynn Stephens & George Graham, When Self-Consciousness Breaks – Alien Voices and Inserted Thoughts. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2000. (Helena De Preester)
M. Ferrari & I.-O. Stamatescu (eds.), Symbol and Physical Knowledge. On the Conceptual Structure of Physics. New York, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2002. (Maarten Van Dyck)


Vol.65, 2000(1): Philosophie et Tolérance, Philosophy and Tolerance: Actes des Entretien de Rabat I
Editors: Evandro Agazzi & Erik Weber
Evandro AGAZZI, Introduction.
Tahar OUAZIZ, Allocution à la Séance Solennelle d’Ouverture du Congrès de Rabat La Philosophie et la Tolérance””.”
Federico MAYOR, Message au Congrès Organisé par l’Institut Internatonal de Philosophie et l’Association Philosophique Marocaine La Philosophie et la Tolérance””.”
Evandro AGAZZI, La Tolérance en tant qu’Enjeu Éthique Fondamental de Notre Époque.
Diderik BATENS, On the Epistemological Justification of Pluralism and Tolerance.
Bernard BOURGEOIS, Philosophie et Tolérance.
Jean FERRARI, Remarques sur la Tolérance.
Jeanne HERSCH, Tolérance entre Liberté et Vérité.
Vladislav A. LEKTORSKY, Tolerance Pluralism and Criticism.
Hans LENK, Some Remarks Concerning Practical Humanity and the Concepts of Tolerance.

Book reviews:
Thora Ilin Bayer, Cassirer’s Metaphysics of Symbolic Forms. A Philosophical Commentary. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 2001. (Wim Christiaens)
E. Scheibe, Between Rationalism and Empiricism. Selected Papers in the Philosophy of Physics. New York – Berlin – Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2001. (Maarten Van Dyck)
Andrew Brook & Robert J. Stainton, Knowledge and Mind: A Philosophical Introduction. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2000. (Tim De Mey)


Vol.64, 1999(2): Discovery and Creativity: Theoretical Analyses
Editors: Erik Weber & Joke Meheus
Erik WEBER, Preface.
Diderik BATENS, Contextual Problem Solving and Adaptive Logics in Creative Processes.
Ingar BRINCK, Procedures and Strategies: Context-dependence in Creativity.
Juli T. EFLIN, An Epistemological Base for the Problem Solving Model of Creativity.
Rodolfo GAETA & Nélida GENTILE, Reasons and Obstacles for a Logic of Discovery.
Joke MEHEUS, The Positivists’ Approach to Scientific Discovery.
Erik WEBER, Scientific Revolutions, Rationality and Creativity


Vol.63, 1999(1): Discovery and Creativity: Case Studies
Editor: Erik Weber
Erik WEBER, Preface.
Gustaaf C. CORNELIS, Inflation. Where Did That Come From?
Ton DERKSEN, Discovery of Linear Perspective and its Limitations.
Mika KIIKERI, Interrogative Reasoning and Discovery: a New Perspective on Kepler’s Inquiry.
Joke MEHEUS, Clausius’ Discovery of the First Two Laws of Thermodynamics. A Paradigm of Reasoning from Inconsistencies.
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, The Creative Growth of Mathematics.


Vol.62, 1998(2): Analogy and Mental Modeling in Scientific Discovery
Editors: Lorenzo Magnani, Nancy Nersessian & Paul Thagard
Lorenzo MAGNANI, Nancy NERSESSIAN & Paul THAGARD, Preface.
Stefania BANDINI, Gaetano A. LANZARONE & Alessandra VALPIANI, Revisiting the Mental Models Theory in Terms of Computational Models Based on Constructive Induction.
Eric G. FREEDMAN, Executive Control of Scientific Discovery.
Francesco GUALA, Experiments as Mediators in the Non-Laboratory Sciences.
Johan Arnt MYRSTAD, Models in Perception and Models in Science.
Sandra VISOKOLSKIS, The Incidence of Analogical Procedures in the Emergence of Mathematical Concepts. Newton and Leibniz: a Case Study.

Book review:
G. Van de Vijver, S.N. Salthe & M. Delpos (eds.), Evolutionary Systems, Biological and Epistemological Perspectives on Selection and Self-Organisation. Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998. (Helena De Preester)


Vol.61, 1998(1): Abduction and Scientific Discovery
Editors: Lorenzo Magnani, Nancy Nersessian & Paul Thagard
Lorenzo MAGNANI, Nancy NERSESSIAN & Paul THAGARD, Introduction
John R. JOSEPHSON, Abduction-Prediction Model of Scientific Inference Reflected in a Prototype System for Model-based Diagnosis
José HERNANDEZ-ORALLO, A Computational Definition of ‘Consilience’
Andreas KEINARH & Josef F. KREMS, The Influence of Anomalous Data on Solving Human Abductive Tasks
Selmer BRINGSJORD, Is Gödelian Model-based Deductive Reasoning Computational?
Ferdinando ARZARELLO, Valeria ANDRIANO, Federica OLIVERO & Ornella ROBUTTI, Abduction and Conjecturing in Mathematics
Vincent Fella HENDRICKS & Stig Andur PEDERSEN, Discovery Knowledge and Reliable Limiting Convergence – The KALC-Paradigm

Book review:
Filip Geerardyn & Gertrudis Van de Vijver (eds), Aux sources de la psychanalyse. Une analyse des premiers écrits de Freud (1877-1900). Paris, L’Harmattan, 1998. (Dominiek Hoens)


Vol.60, 1997(2): Donald T. Campbell
Editor: Werner Callebaut
Werner CALLEBAUT, Introduction.
Peter J. RICHERSON & Robert BOYD, Built for Speed, not for Comfort. Darwinian Theory and Human Culture.
Rik PINXTEN, Donald Campbell on Cultural Relativism.
Sal RESTIVO, In the Wake of the Winnower: Donald R. Campbell and the Sociology of Objectivity.
William N. DUNN, Pragmatic Eliminative Induction: Proximal Range and Context Validation in Applied Social Experimentation.
Ray Scott PERCIVAL, Campbell’s Blind Variation in the Evolution of an Ideology and Popper’s World 3.


Vol.59, 1997(1): Complexity
Editor: Johan Braeckman
Johan BRAECKMAN, Introduction.
John H. HOLLAND, Emergence.
Claus EMMECHE, Aspects of Complexity in Life and Science.
Charles BLINDERMAN, Intermission: on Animate and Inanimate Evolution.
Daniel W. MCSHEA, Complexity in Evolution: a Skeptical Assesment.
Subrata DASGUP-TA, Technology and Complexity

Book review:
Marc Leman, Music and Schema Theory. Cognitive Foundations of Systematic Musicology. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 1995. (Jean Paul Van Bendegem)


Vol.58, 1996(2): Creativity, Rationality and Scientific Change
Editor: Joke Meheus
Joke MEHEUS, Editorial Note.
Thomas NICKLES, Deflationary Methodology and Rationality of Science.
Scott E. KLEINER, Goldschmidt’s Heresy and the Explanatory Promise of Ontogenetic Evolutionary Theory.
David GOODING, Creative Rationality: towards an Abductive Model of Scientific Change.
Tassos TSIADOULAS, Creativity and Rationality in a Local Scientific Context: the Case of Van der Waals’?-surface.
Henk W. DE REGT, Are Physicists’Philosophies Irrelevant Idiosyncrasies?
Joke MEHEUS & Diderik BATENS, Steering Problem Solving between Cliff Incoherence and Cliff Solitude.


Vol.57, 1996(1): Concepts: Representations and Evolution
Editor: Philip Van Loocke
Philip VAN LOOCKE, Introduction. Concepts: Representations and Evolution.
Andy CLARK, Is ‘Mind’ a Scientific Kind?
William ROBINSON, Evolution and Self Evidence.
Liane GABORA, A Day in the Life of a Meme.
Henri PLOTKIN, Some Psychological Mechanisms of Culture.
Philip VAN LOOCKE, The Connectionist Model QNET and its Combination with Genetic Algorithms.
Markus PESCHL, The Development of Scientific Concepts and their Embodiment in the Representational Activities of Cognitive Systems.


Vol.56, 1995: Political Neutrality and the Welfare State
Editor: Koen Raes
Koen RAES, Introduction
Jonathan WOLFF, Pluralistic models of political obligation
Jos DE BEUS, Bounded Culture and Liberal Equality
Govert DEN HARTOGH, The Limits of Liberal Neutrality
Frank VAN DUN, Philosophical Statism and the Illusions of Citizenship. Reflections on the Neutral State
Hartmut KLIEMT, Rule of Law and the Welface State
Koen RAES, Neutrality of What? Public Morality and the Ethics of Equal Respect


Vol.55, 1995: The Place and Role of Culture in the Social Sciences and Philosophy
Editor: Tom Claes
Tom CLAES, Introduction
David LOY, On the Duality of Culture and Nature
Cliff GODDARD & Anna WIERZBICKA, Key Worlds, Culture and Cognition
Juan D. RAMIREZ, Modes of Discourse – Ways for Thinking. Actual Debates in Socio-Cultural Studies
Harry VAN DEN BOUWHUIJSEN, What Makes Human Differences into Cultural Differences
Bambi CEUPPENS, Close Encounters of the Third Kind: the anthropologist as actor


Vol.54, 1994: Jean Piaget’s Scientific Legacy
Editor: Werner Callebaut
Werner CALLEBAUT & Ewald VERVAET, Introduction
Jacques VONÈCHE & Silvia PARRAT-DAYAN, La partie, le tout et l’equilibration
Thomas R. BIDELL & Kurt W. FISCHER, Structure, Function, and Variability in Cognitive Development: the Piagetian Stage Debate and Beyond
Ewald VERVAET, Structures of Personality along Piagetian Lines
Werner CALLEBAUT, Piaget among the Evolutionary Naturalists

Book reviews:
Charles P. Enz and Karl von Meyenn (eds.), Wolfgang Pauli. Writings on Physics and Philosophy Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag, 1994. (Jean Paul Van Bendegem)
Franck R., Faut-il chercher aux causes une raison? L ‘explication causale dans les sciences humaines Lyon, Institut Interdisciplinaire d’Etudes Epistemologiques, 1994. (Erik Weber)


Vol.53, 1994: Varia
Freddy MORTIER, De Piaget à Habermas et Rawls: les problèmes de la reconstruction rationnelle du jugement moral chez Kohlberg
Geert DEMUIJNCK, Justice as a Competence. The Normative Relevance of Empirical Research on Judgements of ‘Greatness’
Nkeonye OTAKPOR, Cultural Relativism: Some Comments
Amir HOROWITZ, A Note on the Intentionality of Fear
Jane DURAN, The Attack on Methodological Solipsism
Hamid VAHID, Experience and Justification: in Search of the Epistemic Pineal Gland
Wim TYTGAT, Learning from the Bell-Inequalities: Causality, Locality and Realism

Book reviews:
Werner Callebaut, Taking the Naturalistic Turn, or, How Real Philosophy of Science Is Done: Conversations with William Bechtel … [et al] Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1993. (Werner Callebaut)
Annette Baier, A Progress of Sentiments: Reflections on Hume’s Treatises Harvard: Harvard University Press, 1991. (Colin Smith)
John R. Searle, The Rediscovery of the Mind Cambridge, Mass., and London: MIT, a Bradford Book, 1992. (Carlos Holvoet)
Gerald Holton, Science and Anti-Science Cambridge, Mass./London: Harvard University Press, 1993. (Gustaaf C. Cornelis)


Vol.52, 1993: Entretiens de Septembre 1992: “Problèmes moraux: vie privée, vie publique — PrivPublic Morality”
Editors: Diderik Batens, Paul Gochet & Jean Ladrière
Jean LADRIÈRE, Note Introductoire
Karl-Otto APEL, How to Ground a Universalistic Ethics of Co-Responsibility for the Effects of Collective Actions and Activities?
Ronald COMMERS, Public Vices, private Benefits
Jeanne HERSCH, Le poids du pouvoir et la liberté
Peter KEMP, La crainte pout autrui
Christian RUTTEN, Moralité privée et moralité publique chez Aristote
Philippe VAN PARIJS, Social Justice and Individual Ethics


Vol.51, 1993: Scientific Explanation
Editor: Erik Weber
Erik WEBER, Introduction
Wesley C. SALMON, The Value of Scientific Understanding
Thomas R. GRIMES, Explanatory Understanding and Contrastive Facts
Peter LIPTON, Making a Difference
Matti SINTONEN, In Search of Explanations: from Why-questions to Shakespearean Questions
John FORGE, How Should We Explain Remote Correlations?
Erik WEBER, The Indirect Practical Functions of Explanations
Peter ACHINSTEIN, Explanation and “Old Evidence”


Vol.50, 1992: Modern Perspectives on the Philosophy of Space and Time
Editor: Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Introductory Note
Graham PRIEST, On Time
John MCKIE, Transition and Contradiction
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, How Infinities Cause Problems in Classical Physical Theories
C. W. KILMISTER, Space, Time, Discreteness
Newton C. A. DA COSTA & Francisco Antonio DORIA, On the Incompleteness of Axiomatized Models for the Empirical Sciences
Erik MYIN, Some Problems for Fodor’s theory of Centent
Paul ERNEST, A Note Concerning Irving H. Anellis “Distortions and Discontinuities of Mathematical Progress: A Matter if Style, A Matter of Luck, A Matter of Time, … A Matter of Fact”


Vol.49, 1992: Philosophical Perspectives in Moral Psychology and Education
Editor: Freddy Mortier
Freddy MORTIER, Introduction: Philosophy and Moral Psychology
Jan BUELENS, Moral Education in Schools: Mission Impossible?
J. A. VAN DER VEN, Matigheid in de morele vorming
Hing KEUNG MA, The Moral Judgement Development of the Chinese People: A Theoretical Model
Robert E. CARTER, Educating the Self and Beyond
Ludo PEFEROEN, Ideals and Criteria of Personal Continuance

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Vol.48, 1991: On Interdisciplinarity
Editor: Koen De Pryck
Koen DEPRYCK, The Challenge of interdisciplinarity
Karel BOULLART, Worldviews, Quandaries and the Quest for Ontology. Preliminary Considerations
Frederick TURNER, Beauty and the Anima Mundi
Alexander J. ARGYROS, The Minimum Epistemological and Ontological Conditions For a Theory of Systemic Interdisciplinarity
Gretchen SWEEN, Interdisciplinary Disorientation: A Student’s Perspective
Aagje VAN CAUWELAERT, Education and Its Interest in Interdisciplinarity
Pïeranna GARAVASO, Anti-Realism and Objectivity in Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mathematics


Vol.47, 1991: Self-Organization and Teleology. Self-organizing and Complex Systems II
Editor: Gertrudis Van de Vijver
Gertrudis VAN DE VIJVER, Editorial Introduction
Isabelle STENGERS, Comment se passer de la finalité
Mohan MATTHEN, Biological Realism
Francis BAILLY, Niveaux d’organisation, changements de niveaux, finalité
Jean PETITOT, Why Connectionism is Such a Good Thing. A Criticism of Fodor and Pylyshyn’s Criticism of Smolensky
Olaf DIETTRICH, Induction and Evolution of Cognition and Science
Jane DURAN, Folk Terms and Agency

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Vol.46, 1990: Self-Organizing and Complex Systems – I
Editor: Gertrudis Van de Vijver
Gertrudis VAN DE VIJVER, Editorial Introduction. The Epistemological Discussion on Teleology Current Positions
Ernst VON GLASERSFELD, Teleology and the Concepts of Causation
Gerhard ROTH & Helmut SCHWEGLER, Self-Organization, Emergent Properties and the Unity of the World
Jan VAN DORMAEL, The Emergence of Analogy. Analogical Reasoning as a Constraint Satisfaction Process
Richard SYLVAN, On Making a Coherence Theory of Truth True
Richard B. CARTER, Ethics as Drawn from the Method

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Vol.45, 1990: Scientific Discovery
Editor: Diderik Batens
Diderik BATENS, Editorial Note
Thomas NICKLES, Discovery Logics
Nancy NERSESSIAN, Methods of Conceptual Change in Science: Imagistic and Analogical Reasoning
Kostas GAVROGLU, Differences in Style as a Way of Probing the Context of Discovery
Scott E. KLEINER, Hypothetical and Inductive Heuristics

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Vol.44, 1989: Modalities and Counterfactuals in History and the Social Sciences
Editors: Tannelie Blom, Werner Callebaut & Ton Nijhuis
Tannelie BLOM, Werner CALLEBAUT & Ton NIJHUIS, Modalities and Counterfactuals in History and the Social Sciences: Some Preliminary Reflections
Raymond BOUDON, Why do Social Scientists Tend to See the World as Over-Ordened?
Tannelie BLOM & Ton NIJHUIS, Contingency, Meaning and History
Steven RAPPAPORT, The Modal View of Economic Models
Erik WEBER, Scientific Explanation, Necessity & Contingency
Christina BICCHIERI, Counterfactuals and Backward Induction
Ingrid VAN CAMP, Information Processing: From a Mechanistic to a Natural Systems Approach. Why Connectionism is Compatible with the Idea of an Active Information Processor

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Michael Redhead, Incompleteness, Nonlocality, and Realism. (Jean Paul Van Bendegem)


Vol.43, 1989: Recent Issues in the Philosophy of Mathematics – II
Editor: Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Introduction
Michael D. RESNIK, A Naturalized Epistemology for a Platonist Mathematical Ontology
Thomas TYMOCZKO, Mathematical Skepticism: Are We Brains in a Countable Vat?
Yehuda RAV, Philosophical Problems of Mathematics in the Light of Evolutionary Epistemology
Michael OTTE, Der Charakter der Mathematik zwischen Philosophie und Wissenschaft
Erkka MAULA & Eero KASANEN, Cher Fermat A.D. 1637
Irving H. ANELLIS, Distortions and Discontinuities of Mathematical Progress: A Matter of Style, A Matter of Luck, A Matter of Time … A Matter of Fact
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Foundations of Mathematics or Mathematical Practice: Is One Forced to Choose?


Vol.42, 1988: Recent Issues in the Philosophy of Mathematics – I
Editor: Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Introductory Note
Sal RESTIVO, The Social Life of Mathematics
Eduard GLAS, Between Form and Function. Social Issues in Mathematical Change
Jens HØRUP, A Case Study on 13th Century Mathematical Innovation and Failure in Cultural Context
James FRANKLIN, Mathematics, The Computer Revolution and the Real World
Stuart G. SHANKER, The Dawning of (Machine) Intelligence
Charles F. KIELKOPF, Fallible Intuitions: The Apriori in Your Mathematics
J. FANG, Between Philosophy and Mathematics: Their Parallel on a “Parallax”

Book review:
Hilary Putnam, Representation and Reality Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1988. (Erik Myin)


Vol.41, 1988: History of Philosophy. Mythology or Historiography
Editor: Ronald Commers
Ronald COMMERS, Préface éditoriale
Ronald COMMERS, A propos de l’interprétation
Ronald COMMERS, L’ennui de Vienne. Un essai d’interprétation
Jacques DE VISSCHER, La carnalisation du texte philosophique
Wim VAN DOOREN, Pomponazzi als Leitbild oder: wie verhält man sich zu einem Philosophen der Vergangenheit
Karel BOULLART, De vrijblijvendheid van Auschwitz of de postmoderne leegte en de fundamentalistische “Horror Vacui”
Fernand VANDAMME, Cognitive Modelling and Interpretation Applied on the Interpretation of Philosophical Texts
Jane DURAN, “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”: non-nomolical uses for beliefs
Lech OSTASZ, Der geregelte Dialog. Der Satz vom ausgeschlossenen Dritten und ein Dialog über Ihn
Frank J. KELLY, Hegel’s Solution to the Problem of Being

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Vol.40, 1987: The Methodology of Action Science
Editor: Diderik Batens
Diderik BATENS, Editorial Preface
Chris ARGYRIS, Seeking Truth and Actionable Knowledge: How the Scientific Method Inhibits Both
David D. CLARKE, Fundamental Problems with Fundamental Research: A Meta-Theory for Social Psychology
Rik PINXTEN, Some Trends in the Anthropology of Action Sciences – An Essay on Knowing to Act and Acting to Know
S.N. BALAGANGADHARA, Comparative Anthropology and Action Sciences – An Essay on Knowing to Act and Acting to Know
Diderik BATENS, Action Science and the Reunification of the Social Sciences and Epistemology
John R. WETTERSTEN, Can the Mentally Ill be Autonomous?
Erik WEBER, The Transformation of Cognitive Values into Methodological Rules

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Vol.39, 1987: Environmental Ethics
Editor: Frank De Roose
Frank DE ROOSE, Editorial Introduction
Tom REGAN, Pigs in Space
Evelyn B. PLUHAR, The Personhood View and the Argument from Marginal Cases
Raymond G. FREY, The Significance of Agency and Marginal Cases
Robin ATTFIELD, Biocentrism, Moral Standing and Moral Significance
Dieter BIRNBACHER, Ethical Principles versus Guiding Principles in Environmental Ethics
Frank DE ROOSE, Towards a Non-Axiological Holist Ethic
J. BAIRD CALLICOTT, Tertium Organum and Mankind’s Role in Future Evolution
Kai NIELSEN, Justice, Class Interests and Marxism

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Vol.38, 1986: Aesthetic Values. Specific Aspects
Editor: Karel Boullart
Karel BOULLART, Introduction
Karel BOULLART, Laughing Matters or Comödia Naturalis
Krystyna WILKOSZEWSKA, On the Experience of the Tragic
J. VAN SCHOOR, Esthetic Values in the Theatre
Heidi M. MÜLLER, Wertsetzung als Implikation der Erzählhaltung. Bemerkungen zur Judendarstellung im Jurek Beckers Romanen
Freddy DECREUS, La notion de “valeur esthétique” dans l’esthétique structurale de Jan Mukarovsky. Application au poème 56 de Catulle
Marc M. VUIJLSTEKE, Le critique moderne et la lyrique médiévale des troubadours provençaux
M.A. PORIAU, The aesthetic Value of Architecture
Pierre SOMVILLE, Le jugement de goût: critères, evaluations, exemples
Maria GOLASZEWSKA, Ars in Crudo – an utline of Problems

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Vol.37, 1986: Current Issues in the Philosophy of Biology
Editor: Werner Callebaut
Werner CALLEBAUT, Introduction
Richard M. BURIAN, Why the Panda Provides no Comfort to the Creationist
David J. DEPEW, Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and Evolution: a philosophical Perspective
Robert C. RICHARDSON, Models and Scientific Explanations
Paul THOMPSON, The Interaction of Theories and the semantic Conception of Evolutionary Theory
Elisabeth A. LLOYD, Thinking about Models in Evolutionary Theory
Kristin GUYOT, Specious Individuals
Srdjan LELAS, Epistemic Implications of two biological Concepts
A. J. CLARK, Evolutionary Epistomology and the Scientific Method

Book review:
R. C. Stalnaker, Inquiry Bradford Books, The MIT Press, 1984. (Marc Leman)


Vol.36, 1985: Aesthetic Values. General Problems
Editor: Karel Boullart
Karel BOULLART, Introduction
Harold OSBORNE, The twofold Significance of “Aesthetic Value”
Maria GOLASZEWSKA, Artistic and Aesthetic Values in the Axiological Situation
John HOAGLUND, Artistic Creativity and Aesthetic Value
Anthony SAVILLE, Beauty, Necessity and the A Priori
Hubert DETHIER, The Critique of the Aesthetic Reason, from the point of View of J. Mukarovsky
Karel BOULLART, Why Subjectivism is Always More Wrong than Objectivism Ever Can Be, Even in Aesthetics
J. L. BROECKX, An Objectivist Looks at the Concept of Aesthetic Value
Nkeonye OTAKPOR, The Social Action Frame of Reference on Historical Map and Analysis

Book review:
Maria Golaszewska, Estetyka rzeczywistosci Instytut Wydawniczy PAX, Warszawa, 1984. (R. Jagannathan)


Vol.35, 1985: Recent Developments in Dialogue Logics
Editor: Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Introductory Note
Paul LORENZEN, Praktische und Theoretische Modalitaten
Carl Friedrich GETHMANN, Handlung – Bedeutung – Folgerung. Probleme des methodischen Aufbaus bei der Logikrechtfertigung
Kuno LORENZ, Zur logischen Genese der Sprachverwendung
Carl Friedrich GETHMANN, Zur formalen Pragmatik des Negators
E. M. BARTH, Two-Phase Epistemology and Models for Dialogue Logic
Richard SYLVAN, Introducting Polylogue Theory
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Dialogue Logic and Problem-Solving
Jaakko HINTIKKA, A Spectrum of Logics of Questioning

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Vol.34, 1984: A Marxian Approach to “The Problem of Justice” – II
Editor: Koen Raes
Leo APOSTEL, Theory and Practice in Marxism
Koen RAES, The Ethics of Anti-Moralism in Marx’s Theory of Communism. An Interpretation
Philippe VAN PARIJS, What (if anything) is intrinsically Wrong with Capitalism
Robert J. VAN DER VEEN, The Marxian Ideal of Freedom and the Problem of Justice

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Vol.33, 1984: A Marxian Approach to “The Problem of Justice” – I
Editor: Koen Raes
Koen RAES, Editorial Preface
Allen W. WOOD, Justice and Class Interests
Norman GERAS, The controversy about Marx and Justice
Agnes HELLER, Marx, Justice, Freedom: The Libertarian Prophet
Ronald COMMERS, Marx’s Concept of Justice and the two Traditions in the European Political Thought

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Vol.32, 1983: Theory-Ladenness and Incommensurability – II
Editor: Diderik Batens
Diderik BATENS, Editorial Preface
Richard GRANDY, Incommensurability: Kinds and Causes
Antti HAUTAMÄKI, Scientific Change and Intensional Logic
Walter VAN DER VEKEN, Incommensurability in the Structuralist View
Marcello PERA, Theories, Facts and the Theory-Dependance of Facts
Joseph PITT, The Epistemological Engine
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Incommensurability: An algorithmic Approach
Diderik BATENS, Incommensurability is not a Threat to the Rationality of Science or to the Anti-dogmatic Tradition

Book review:
R. M. Chrisholm, The Foundations of Knowing Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1982. (Charles Thomas Powell)


Vol.31, 1983: Theory-Ladenness and Incommensurability – I
Editor: Diderik Batens
Diderik BATENS, The relevance of Theory-ladenness and Incommensurability
Joseph AGASSI, Theoretical Bias in Evidence: A Historical Sketch
Robert NOLA, Interpretation of “The Facts” in the light of Theory
Alan MUSGRAVE, Theory and Observation: Nola versus Popper
Martin FRICKÉ, On the Theory Dependance of Observation
Noretta KOERTGE, Theoretical Pluralism and Incommensurability

Book review:
H. E. Kyburg Jr., Epistemology and Inference Minnesota Univ. Press, Minneapolis, 1983. (Walter Van der Veken)


Vol.30, 1982: Problems of Modern Art
Editor: Karel Boullart
Karel BOULLART, Introduction
Lars AAGAARD-MOGENSEN, On Cognitive Aesthetics
Karel BOULLART, Fragmentation and Ambivalence: Art and Sign of precariousness
Maria GOLASZEWSKA, Aesthetics as a Game Theory. Art and Anti-Art – Aesthetics and Anti-Esthetics
Thomasine KUSHNER, Structural Similarities: a Base for descriptive Corollaries among the Arts
Tadeusz PAWLOWSKI, From Happening to Performance

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Vol.29, 1982: Pragmatics and Philosophy – III
Editors: Leo Apostel & Asa Kasher
Françoise ARMENGAUD, Eléments pour une approche pragmatique de la pertinence
Asa KASHER, Gricean Inference Revisited
Ruth MANOR, Pragmatics and the Logic of Questions and Assertions
Jean Paul VAN BENDEGEM, Pragmatics and Mathematics or how do mathematicians talk ?


Vol.28, 1981: Pragmatics and Philosophy – II
Editors: Leo Apostel & Asa Kasher
Leo APOSTEL, Is pragmatics or praxeology the foundation of logic ?
Michel MEYER, The pragmatics of reading: a new theory of language and literature
Fernand VANDAMME, Pragmatics and adequacy

Book review:
Herbert A. Simon, Models of Thought New Haven/London, Yale University Press, 1977. (Werner Callebaut)


Vol.27, 1981: Pragmatics and Philosophy – I
Editors: Leo Apostel & Asa Kasher
Leo APOSTEL, Introduction
Francis JACQUES, “Je veux dire”
Herman PARRET, The pragmatics of semantical Theories
Tanya REINHART, Pragmatics and Linguistics: an analysis of Sentence Topics
Ivar J. TONISSEN, Pragmatics – An empirical Science ?
Daniel VANDERVEKEN, Pragmatique, sémantique et force illocutoire
Teun A. VAN DIJK, Towards an empirical Pragmatics


Vol.26, 1980: Social Indicators and Quality of Life – II
Editor: Werner Callebaut
Werner CALLEBAUT, Introduction
Ivan ILLICH, Shadow-Works
Ivan ILLICH, Vernacular Values
Michelle DURAND, Pour une épistémologie de la notion de qualité de la vie
Yvette HARFF, Le courant marxiste du movement ouvrier français dans le débat sur la “qualité de la vie”
Walter VAN TRIER, De sociale indicatorenbeweging en de blinde vlek op de marxistische retina
Werner CALLEBAUT, Philosophical Aspects of Social Indicators and Quality of Life Research – Some Tentative Conclusions


Vol.25, 1980: Social Indicators and Quality of Life – I
Editor: Werner Callebaut
Werner CALLEBAUT, Introduction
Storrs MCCALL, What is Quality of Life?
Jan DREWNOWSKI, Social Indicators, Quality of Life and Economic Theory
Larl A. FOX, Philosphical Implications of a System of Social Accounts based on Roger Barker’s ecological Psychology and a scalar Measure of total Income
Friedhelm GEHRMANN, The “Alibi-Function” of Social Indicators in Social Planning
Gilbert RIST, A quoi bon le développement ?
Ephraim BEN-BARUCH, On classifications, Ranking and Measurements in the Social Sciences

Book review:
E. Levinas, De plaatservanging Dixit-reeks, Het Wereldvenster, Baarn, 1977. (Guy Quintelier)


Vol.24, 1979: Thomas Hobbes
Editors: Benoît Angelet & Ronald Commers
Ronald COMMERS, Editorial Introduction
Ronald COMMERS, Thomas Hobbes in a world-system-view. Some comments on the modern and the conservative aspects of Hobbes’s political thoughts
Benoît ANGELET, Une logique de l’ignorance: la dialectique du pouvoir dans la lignée de Bacon, Descartes et Hobbes
Ronald COMMERS, Thomas Hobbes and the idea of mechanics in social sciences and ethics. Some preliminaries in the history of the idea of mechanics
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Thomas Hobbes and the debate on free will. His present-day significance for ethical theory

Book review:
P. Gochet, Quina an Perspectiva, Essai de philosophia comparée Flammarion, 1978. (Paul Wouters)


Vol.23, 1979: The Law Between Politics and Morality
Editor: Frank Van Dun
Frank VAN DUN, Editors’s note
Ota WEINBERGER, Handeln und Schliessen. Überlegungen zum Begriff der praktischen Inferenz
J. R. LUCAS, The nature of law
Frank VAN DUN, Contracts, necessity and justice
Robert E. GOODIN, Loose laws: the ethics of vagueness vs. the politics of precision
Hubert ROTTLEUTHNER, Recht, Moral und Politik – rechtssoziologisch betrachtet
Johan K. DE VREE, On the origins and growth of law and morals
Rik PINXTEN, Morality and knowledge. Teachings from a Navajo experience


Vol.22, 1978: Perspectives on Ethical Rationality
Editor: Hugo Van den Enden
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Introduction
John R. WETTERSTEN & Joseph AGASSI, Rationality, problems choice
Diderik BATENS, Rationality and ethical rationality
Ronald COMMERS, Ethische rationaliteit. De formele en inhoudelijke benadering
Karel BOULLART, “Ethische rationaliteit” als perspectivistisch optimum voor het menselijk handelen
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Critisch perspectief op perspectieven van ethische rationaliteit
Werner CALLEBAUT, Practical Rationality from an evolutionary perspective
Kai NIELSEN, Rationality and the morale sentiments: Some animadversions on a theme in A Theory of Justice
Ronald COMMERS, De funderingsproblematiek in de ethica in het licht van John Rawls’ Theory of Justice


Vol.21, 1978: Collective Action in Science and Society – II
Editors: Leo Apostel & Frank Van Dun
Maria NOWAKOWSKA, Formal Theory of group actions and its applications
Ronald COMMERS, Collective actions: on Theory and praxis
Ephraim BEN-BARUCH & Haim MARANTZ, What social organisations do
Frank VAN DUN, Collective action, human nature and the possibility of anarchy
Maria NOWAKOWSKA, A formal approach to the evolution of group structure
Leo APOSTEL, The elementary theory of collective action
Werner CALLEBAUT, Social indicators research and the theory of collective action

Book reviews:
F. Rosenzweig, Der Stern der Erlösung Den Haag, Martinus Nijhoff, 1976. (Leo Apostel)
L Apostel, Matière et Forme Gent, Communication and Cognition, 1974. (Diderik Batens)


Vol.20, 1977: Collective Action in Science and Society – I
Editors: Leo Apostel & Frank Van Dun
Leo APOSTEL & Frank VAN DUN, Introduction
Eric M. USLANER, The paradox of voting with indifference
Bob CARLIER, Social movements as a type of reaction to the minority situation. A literature survey
Bernhardt LIEBERMAN, Deception and collective action
Franz LEHNER, On party competition and government overload
Robert E. GOODIN, Rational choices in mass politics

Book reviews:
Ch Perelman & L. Olbrechts-Tyteca, Traite de l’argumentation. La nouvelle rhetotique. Bruxelles, Editions de l’Universite de Bruxelles, 1976. (R. Belderbosch)
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R. Commers, Review on “Economie en wetenschapsfilosofie” by F.J. Vandamme (Fernand Vandamme)
Rudolf Boehm, Kritik der grondslagen van onze tijd Het WereIdvenster, Baarn, 1977. (Hugo Van den Enden)


Vol.19, 1977: The Philosophical Relevance of the Concept of Meaning – II
Editor: Diderik Batens
Diderik BATENS, Editorial Preface
Niels Egmont CHRISTENSEN, Truth determinants. Another theory of meaning for propositional connectives
Richard ROUTLEY, Meaning as semantical superstructure: a universal theory of meaning, truth and denotation
R. M. MARTIN, On tense, aspect, modality and meaning
Eduardo A. RABOSSI, Meaning, force and explicit performatives
Fernand VANDAMME, Peirce, action and semantics
Paul GOCHET, Being, truth and meaning in Quine’s philosophy
Diderik BATENS, Outline of a theory of meaning: semantical and contextual

Book review:
C. L. Kruithof, Onwetendheid en Sociaal Gedrag / Een wijsgerig-suriologische studie over beperkte informatie Van Lughum Slaterus, Deventer, 1975. (Hugo Van den Enden)


Vol.18, 1976: The Philosophical Relevance of the Concept of Meaning – I
Editor: Diderik Batens
Diderik BATENS, Introduction and survey of contributions to this issue
Herbert HOCHBERG, Russell’s attack on Frege’s theory of meaning
Scott E. KLEINER, Recent theories of theoretical meaning
Richard ARTHUR, On reference as a component of meaning
Charles CASTONGUAY, Church’s theorem and the analytic-synthetic distincion in mathematics
Robert KRAUT, On the philosphical relevance of possible-worlds semantics
William ULRICH, An alleged ambiguity in the nominalizations of illocutionary verbs
Henry HIZ, On some general principles of semantics of natural language
Asa KASHER, On degrees of adequacy for formal semantics of natural languages


Vol.17, 1976: Justification Problems Concerning Modern Sciences
Editor: Hugo Van den Enden
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Introduction
Diderik BATENS, Some remarks on the relation between science and values
Karel BOULLART, Wetenschap en politieke macht
Armand PHALET, Sur une justification de l’abstrait et du formel
Freddy VERBRUGGEN, Marcuse, Habermas, De Man, T’ao Chi’ien, Ginsburg, Darwin et al., en de problematiek van het zgn. wetenschapsethos
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, De wetenschap op het beklaagdenbankje. Over zin en onzin van de wetenschapskritiek der Frankfurter Schule
Etienne VERMEERSCH, Can Science be made rational?
Magda MICHIELSENS, Kritieke beschouwingen bij twee recente congressen over sociale wetenschappen
Ronald COMMERS, Remarks on the Comparison between ‘Exchange’ and ‘Communication’
Theo A. F. KUYPERS, Introductive probability and the paradox of ideal evidence

Book review:
H. A. P. Swart, Artificiële intelligentie in de filosofie en psychologie Centrale Interfaculteit Universiteit van Amsterdam, 1975. (Paula Burghgraeve)


Vol.16, 1975: Problems in Metaphilosophy – II
Editor: Karel Boullart
Karel BOULLART, Introduction
Herbert HOCHBERG, Mapping, meaning and metaphysics
S. J. DOORMAN, Suggestie voor een metafilosofisch onderzoeksprogramma
H. G. HUBBELING, Logical reconstructivism as a metaphilosophical method of interpretation and discussion
Gerald J. DALCOURT, A methodology for moralists
J. J. A. MOOIJ, Some remarks on the relation between philosophy and the study of literature
Murray BOOKCHIN, On the limits of communication: a metaphilosophical inquiry
J. P. VAN PRAAG, Metataal van overtuigingen
Karel BOULLART, Harmony and tragedy, science and metaphysics: general interrelations
Bernard DELFGAAUW, Philosophia en sophia: wijsbegeerte en wijsheid


Vol.15, 1975: Problems in Metaphilosophy – I
Editor: Karel Boullart
Karel BOULLART, Introduction
Joseph AGASSI, The present state of the philosophy of science
Robert G. MEYERS, Truth and theory in philosophy: post-positivist view
John KEKES, The domain of justification: common sense
Stephen J. NOREN, Science, common sence, and a problem for scientific realism
Rolf GRUNER, Science and metaphysics
Rom HARRÉ, Metaphysics and science
Roy BHASKAR, Forms of realism


Vol.14, 1974: Dimensions of Rationality
Editors: Diderik Batens & Hugo Van den Enden
Diderik BATENS & Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Problems in rationality. An introduction to this issue
Silvio SENN, Fünfzehn Sätze zur Rationalität
Fernand VANDAMME, Rationality and the principle of rationality in economics
Armand PHALET, Recherche sur la rationalité
Freddy VERBRUGGEN, Op zoek naar een bepaling van rationaliteit in de geschiedenis van de wetenschappen
Etienne VERMEERSCH, Rationality, some preliminary remarks
Diderik BATENS, Rationality and justification
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Some reflexions about ethical rationality


Vol.13, 1974: Ecologie en filosofie – Ecology and Philosophy
Editor: Fernand Vandamme
Fernand VANDAMME, Inleiding
M. C. RIJK, Een metodologische benadering van het begrip “Milieuprobleem”
Fernand VANDAMME, Ecologie en interdisciplinariteit: een schets van enkele aspekten van interaktie tussen ecologie en andere wetenschappen
Barry COMMONER, Ecology and social action
Lee THAYER, A note on communication and ecology
Murray BOOKCHIN, Toward an ecological society
J. P. VOETS, Methodologie van de microbiële ecologie in natuurlijke biotopen
Karel BOULLART, Nabeschouwing


Vol.12, 1973:
Marianne VLIETINCK, Macht en causaliteit
Paula BURGHGRAEVE, Bedenkingen omtrent de methodologische status van simulaties
Frank VAN DUN, Entailment
Karel BOULLART, Metafysische Problem en – Metafysische Methoden. Bedenkingen bij ‘Reality and Metaphysics’ van Joseph Owens en ‘The Nature of metaphysical Thinking’ van Dorothy Emmet
Etienne VERMEERSCH, Wissenschaft, Technik und Gesellschaftskritik. Ein neopositivistischei Beitrag
Rudolf BOEHM, Over twee soorten dogmatisme


Vol.11, 1973: De sociale functie van de wijsbegeerte
Freddy VERBRUGGEN, De sociale functie van de wijsbegeerte – een voorwoord
Bert DEMYTTENAERE, Functie en relevantie der gedragswetenschappen – een aantal drempelnotities
A. BOLCKMANS, Sociale doelstellingen van taal- en literatuurstudie
Walter VERRAES, Welke is de problematiek der sociale functies der natuurwetenschappen?
Rudolf BOEHM, Die Weltprobleme und die Frage der Verantwortlichkeit der Wissenschaft für die politische Ökonomie
Fernand VANDAMME, Filosofie, wetenschap en maatschappij
Leo APOSTEL, De sociale functie van de wijsbegeerte
W. COOLSAET, Filosofie en politiek
Rudolf BOEHM, De sociale functie van de wijsbegeerte: kritisch onderzoek naar alternatieven
Benoît ANGELET, Noodzakelijke overwegingen bij de functie van de filosofie in de verhouding tussen theorie en praxis


Vol.10, 1972:
Jacques RUYTINX, La morale et les sciences
Rik PINXTEN, The notion of ‘concept’ in cognitive psychology. An overview and critical analysis
Fernand VANDAMME, The problem of interpreting questions or a preliminary to the logic of questions
Ronald COMMERS, Remarks on theorizing neo-capitalism
Theo A. F. KUYPERS, A note on confirmation
W. W. SCHUHMACHER, Zur Substitution Gruppe -> Ban dein der Umgebung Baader-Meinhof durch einen Teil der Medien in der BRD
Silvio SENN, An sich Skizze* zu einer Begriffsgeschichte


Vol.9, 1971: Adorno Heft
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Kultur- und Ideologiekritik bei den Neodialektikern Adorno und Marcuse
Leo APOSTEL, Erkenntnistheorie und Erkenntnissoziologie – Randbemerkungen zu Adorno
Etienne VERMEERSCH, Adorno und die Aufklärung
J. L. BROECKX, Ästhetische und soziologische Implikationen in Adornos ‘Typen musikalischen Verhaltens’
H. SABBE, Philosophie der neuesten Musik-ein Versuch zur Extrapolation von Adornos ‘Philosophie der neuen Musik’


Vol.8, 1970: Bijdragen tot de vergelijkende wetenschapstheorie
R. G. VAN DE VELDE, Zur Wissenschaftlichkeit der Linguistik
Leo APOSTEL, Naar een vergelijkende Evolutietheorie
Magda MICHIELSENS, Emotie, Perceptie en Cognitie
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Morele Oordelen en de zogenaamde “Vrije Wil”


Vol.7, 1969: Bijdragen tot de vergelijkende wetenschapstheorie
Leo APOSTEL & Etienne VERMEERSCH, Inleiding
Etienne VERMEERSCH, Het ontstaan van de experimentele methode
F. WUYTACK, Het experiment in de wiskundige wetenschappen
A. J. GROENEWOLD, Het experiment in de quantum-mechanica
J. M. DENUCÉ, Het experiment in de biologie
D. ROGGEN, De limieten van het experiment in de biologie
H. PICARD, Het experiment in de sociale wetenschappen
R. C. VAN CAENEGEM, De moderne geschiedschrijving: een wetenschap zonder experiment
Leo APOSTEL, Schets voor een algemene theorie van het experiment
J. SCHNELL, D. ROGGEN & S. W. GLOVER, Chemical evolution and the origin of life
G. KIRIAKOFF, De organische evolutie
J. NENQUIN, De menswording: physische en sociologische aspecten
E. SCHOLLIERS, Evolutietendensen van sociaal-economische structuren


Vol.6, 1968:
Diderik BATENS, Some proposals for the solution of the Carnap-Popper discussion on ‘inductive logic’
S. ISSMAN, L’Implication Logique et la Déduction Naturelle
Karel BOULLART, De Wijsbegeerte van de Metafilosofie
Fernand VANDAMME, Is tranformational grammar a contribution to the theory of innate ideas?
Hendik VAN DE ROSTYNE, Preference en metingen voor Preference


Vol.5, 1967:
Karel BOULLART, Nihilisme et Métaphysique
S. ISSMAN, L’Implication Matérielle et L’implication Logique
Marc VANQUICKENBORNE, Some suggestions for a Theory of Legal concepts
Armand PHALET, A Form of Calculus
Arnold CORNELIS, Definition and Properties of the Concept of Structure
Annie ZAENEN, Is “Das Kapital” een wetenschappelijk werk?
Rudolf BOEHM, “Dieses war die Ethic und zwar Niederländisch, wie sie Spinoza anfangs verferttiget”


Vol.4, 1966:
Hunfred SCHOETERS, “G.H. von Wright’s deontic Logic”
Jan BUELENS, Freud and Education
Ted BASTIN, On the Origin of the Scale Constraints of Physics
Hugo VAN DEN ENDEN, Het begrip “Ideologie”
Fernand VANDAMME, An Explication of the Concent “Analogy”


Vol.3, 1965:
A. DE COCK, Der Synthesegedanke bei Georges Gusdorf
H. MERTENS, Les Attentes de Dieu chez S. Weil
R. RAES, Une Systematique du Droit
R. THIBAU, Les Métamorphoses d’Ampulée et la Théorie Platocienne de l’Erôs
Freddy VERBRUGGEN, The Attitude Theory and the Disagreement of Controversy within Philosophy and between Philosophy and Science
Etienne VERMEERSCH, Some Remarks on the Analysis of the Culture Concept
A. H. D. MAC LEOD, Het bewustzijn in zijn verhouding tot ruimte en tijd


Vol.2, 1964:
A. H. D. MAC LEOD, Het bewustzijn in verhouding tot ruimte en tijd
Marc DE MEY, Anthropologie Philosophique et Psychologie Génétique
Armand PHALET, Sur la systématisation et la démonstration d’Homère à Euclide
F. VYNCKE, L’influence idéologique de Bakounine en italie (Le conflit avex Marx et Mazzini.)
Leo APOSTEL, De la nature du Temps


Vol.1, 1963:
Leo APOSTEL, Can Metaphysics be a Science?
R. RAES, Cinéma et finalité
Jaap KRUITHOF, Quelques Réflexions sur le Nihilisme
Etienne VERMEERSCH, Information and Philosophy
H. DE LEY, De Nederdaling van de Ziel in de Filosofie van Noemenios